Chicken Pox

Sometimes Scott’s job takes him away from us for a few days. Usually, and I wish this didn’t have a pattern to follow it, but usually when he goes something unusual happens. Unusual and unpleasant. This particular week began with Chloe getting sick. It only lasted for a day so I blew it off. But the rest of them followed like dominoes, hitting Laelia and then Reed. Willow was last to get sick. After about a day of a fever, Reed came to me in pain. He had a big patch of blisters on his leg. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then it hit me–chicken pox. 


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Post-Hurricane Matthew

Well, we made it.  Hurricane Matthew blew through our area in the wee hours of the morning and, except for a slight few branches blown down, it left us untouched.  It is truly an amazing thing.  The winds were whipping the trees around, but our home was entirely sound. The water in our pond creeped higher and higher as the rains fell all day yesterday and this morning, but we stayed dry.  Even our goats and kittens on the back porch didn’t seem affected by the storm…other than being a little afraid.


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It’s Planting Time!

August means it’s time to do a lot of things.  It’s time to harvest saw palmetto berries.  It’s time to harvest grapes.  It’s time to rake the pond of the crazy amount of algae that grows there.  It’s time to dream of much, much cooler weather while we’re doing all of this outdoor tasks.  And it’s time to plan the fall garden.

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Heaven Bound

This week blessings are abundant in our house.  Each time we have a baby, I spend a lot of time in prayer over that child.  I pray for many things.  I pray that he or she will be kind and courageous.  I pray for a loving spirit.  I pray that this person will develop a heart after God’s – that he or she will seek Him and will genuinely love and desire to follow the Lord.  I pray many more things, but that last one is my heart’s biggest desire for my children.  Life can be difficult, but life is also very short.  Eternity is what should consume our thoughts.  Every part of our lives should be focused on what comes after this temporary time on this earth.

I spend a lot of time teaching our children about following Christ.  We learn this at church.  We learn this in prayer at home.  We teach them by modeling our beliefs.  We talk about these things a lot.

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