A Work in Progress…

I love a project. Something I can dream about and slowly work on here and there.


Even as a mother of four there are little moments throughout the day when my creative side gets an opportunity to break free…in the car, when the kids have finally snuggled in for the night, in those sweet moments of play (the ones with no fighting, of course).

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Decorating for Easter…better late than never!

In the last couple days my crafty side came peeking through.  It’s been hiding for a couple months now.  I blame the pregnancy because it’s really not like me to avoid my sewing machine or anything else creative.  Especially my camera.  But it happened.  In that time I have organized the heck out of things though.  Our garage is getting closer to being finished along with closets and cabinets.  I am focused on projects right now.  Like the big ones that involve Scott.

But like I said, I found a ray of craftiness shining through this week.  Our Easter/spring decorations are lacking to say the least.  I am very picky about the decor for this holiday because I want it to remain focused on Jesus and not that silly bunny and I’m working for next year that will take me a while to put together, but for now I have put together a couple of things I want to share with you.  By the way, I do realize that it is right before Easter and I’m super last minute on this, but that’s okay, right?  DSC_0005 Continue reading

Chloe’s little kitty

For her birthday last year, Chloe’s Aunt Season gave her the cut outs for two stuffed kitties.  Season has made several of these for our girls and the girls LOVE them to the point where they fight over them frequently and have made them the source of contention between them many times over.  DSC_0161 Continue reading

Willow’s Birthday Dress

Willow’s birthday is rapidly approaching.  She’s going to be 4 next week, which is just crazy to me.  She’s always been my tiny little peanut.  This past year, she has blossomed tremendously inside and out and I am so enjoying getting to know this beautiful new side of her.

Each year for their birthdays, I make the girls a special dress.  This year, Willow and I were at the fabric store, as we call it, and she got to pick out the fabric for her dress, which made her extra excited about it.  I was planning to make a super frilly dress for my super girly girl.  But I found this crazy cute pillowcase dress tutorial that spoke to me.  So, with only one frill, but a cute little shoulder bow, her dress is finished.  She loves it!!!

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Hunter’s Owl

We have a precious new life in our family.  His name is Hunter and he is my dear, sweet nephew.  I spent a lot of time trying to think of a gift for Mr. Hunter.  He’s the third child in line behind two sisters.  So, he needed something boyish or at least something blue.  I thought about this for a long time.  Then one day we were driving around looking for armadillos (I’m sure that sounds a little funny, but the girls always want to find them) and instead of an armadillo we found a beautiful brown owl sitting up on a tree branch.  It was dark out and my headlights just happened to catch the light in his eyes or else we never would’ve seen him sitting way up there.  Inspiration struck and that’s when I decided to make Hunter an owl.   Continue reading

Autumn Leaf Garland


We’ve been busily decorating our house with our fall decor.  Every year it gets more and more fun as my little helpers get old enough to take part in the changing of the seasonal decor.  Each one lends a hand as we get out the box of autumn things and decide where everything will go.  This year we decided to add a little more and make some autumn leaf garland.   Continue reading

Laelia’s Birthday Dress

Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme for the week.  Laelia.  Today, I sewed her dress for her birthday party on Saturday.  I am really excited about how it turned out.  I made a little bow to match.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t pull out of her hair.  She’s not a fan of bows, but I couldn’t help myself.  I also want to make a matching purse for her.  birthday dress, laelia's birthday dress, simple birthday dress, easy dress pattern for girls Continue reading


Projects, projects, projects….I always love a project!  And it’s a good thing, because they are everywhere.

The living room has finally been painted…phew!  I usually do the majority of the painting, but I’m happy to say that Scott did most of it this time.  We have more to do though.  Included in the project is a tile job in the kitchen.  I can’t wait for that!

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