Post-Hurricane Matthew

Well, we made it.  Hurricane Matthew blew through our area in the wee hours of the morning and, except for a slight few branches blown down, it left us untouched.  It is truly an amazing thing.  The winds were whipping the trees around, but our home was entirely sound. The water in our pond creeped higher and higher as the rains fell all day yesterday and this morning, but we stayed dry.  Even our goats and kittens on the back porch didn’t seem affected by the storm…other than being a little afraid.


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It’s Planting Time!

August means it’s time to do a lot of things.  It’s time to harvest saw palmetto berries.  It’s time to harvest grapes.  It’s time to rake the pond of the crazy amount of algae that grows there.  It’s time to dream of much, much cooler weather while we’re doing all of this outdoor tasks.  And it’s time to plan the fall garden.

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Canadian Geese

As I am from Maryland, I have seen many Canadian Geese in my day–usually flying in their V or, still with their gaggle, eating, drinking, and splashing somewhere fun.  However, on our recent trip to the north, we drove by a farm where I saw a hillside covered in geese, who were probably stopping off to fill their bellies to tide them over while on their journey farther South.  I had to share this moment with you. DSC_4531

{Recipe} Orange Cranberry Sauce

I will tell you that my most favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner.  Yummy yum yum!  I love it and all the leftovers that come along with it.  I love mixing it all together and creating fun things like hot open-faced turkey sandwiches smothered with gravy.  Which brings me right where I love to be frequently…gravy.  You can never have too much gravy.  Ever.  Absolutely delish!DSC_3960 Continue reading


It’s always nice to come home.  The normalcy of our world is so nice to return to.  We spent the last week visiting our Maryland family and we had a fantastic time!  It was a week of firsts for the girls–at least a week of doing things they can really only do in colder areas that they will most likely remember doing this time.  We visited grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends. We dressed for the cold.  We raked leaves and jumped in the piles (and kicked them).  We hoped for snow as it grew colder.  We went to the tree farm to cut down Christmas trees.  We saw hills–lots of hills.  We saw frost.  We made a fire and warmed ourselves and ate roasted marshmallows until we were just too cold to stay outside any longer. Continue reading

thinking of autumns past

Life in Florida has been fantastic, but ever so often I get the urge to travel Northward–especially in the fall!  There isn’t a thing I don’t like about a Northern Autumn.  The crisp feel in the air.  The smell of the leaves.  The beautiful colors as the leaves change to fiery orange, crimson, and gold.  Breaking out the sweaters and fall ensembles.  Preparing for the coming months as the new chill in the air reminds us that it’s going to be a while again before we feel the warmth of the sun.   As I reminisce about my favorite season, I thought I’d share a few pictures of autumns gone by.
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Felt Board Autumn Tree

Felt boards!  Aren’t they fun!?  I used to love them when I was a kid.  My kids love them too although I find I need to keep it interesting.  They prefer their little wooden toys they can hold in their hands.  So, with the changing of the seasons I made some adjustments to their felt board.  I had made this tree trunk for them a while ago.  They can add a tree top or leave it like it is.

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Autumn Leaf Garland


We’ve been busily decorating our house with our fall decor.  Every year it gets more and more fun as my little helpers get old enough to take part in the changing of the seasonal decor.  Each one lends a hand as we get out the box of autumn things and decide where everything will go.  This year we decided to add a little more and make some autumn leaf garland.   Continue reading