A Work in Progress…

I love a project. Something I can dream about and slowly work on here and there.


Even as a mother of four there are little moments throughout the day when my creative side gets an opportunity to break free…in the car, when the kids have finally snuggled in for the night, in those sweet moments of play (the ones with no fighting, of course).

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{Master Bedroom Redo} Step 3 – The White

This week has been filled with the joys of painting…but also with a stomach virus in our house.  The room had been kind of put on standby for a few days, but now we are back on track!  Of course I gratefully accepted help from my brilliant little butterflies who happily threw on Daddy’s t-shirts and got to work painting.  I have also learned from this painting session that it is much easier to give each child 10 minutes of individual painting time than to give three children 10 minutes of simultaneous painting time.  It makes for a happier experience and a happier mama.  So, we tried it both ways.  DSC_0540

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Gifts for the Mamas

This week, we’ve spent some time making gifts for my mother and for Scott’s.  The girls helped me with cards and things.  I spent some time with some canvas and paint, making a gift for Scott’s mama.  Our mothers are so very special.  They are both amazing grandmothers to our children and I’m so happy to have their influence in our children’s lives.  The love that they share is unconditional and abundant.  They make these kids feel so special each and every time they’re around them.  Of course, the traditional spoiling does happen, but that’s what makes time with the grandmothers so unique.  DSC_0274 Continue reading

Happy Grandparents Day!

While many people feel like this is just a “holiday” rather than a holiday, I have a profound respect for the wonderful grandparents that my children have and the active roles they play in their lives.  Our girls are certainly blessed to have kind and loving grandparents who would, without a doubt, do anything for them.  So, while it may remain mainly a Hallmark day for most, we happily recognize those special people in our lives.  Happy Grandparents Day to all of you amazing grandparents out there.  The moments you spend with those precious babies makes all the difference in the world to them!  (Click here to download an updated version of the Grandparent Tree: Happy Grandparent’s Day)grandparents day, grandparents day craft, easy hand print craft,

In the Works!

I think most of us are usually in the middle of a dozen projects and things, just waiting for the right moment for completion.  I am such a person.

At this very moment, I am working on two Sunday School crafts.  We are learning about David and Goliath.  Tomorrow my kiddos will be throwing water balloons at a 108″ Goliath, made out of a plastic table cloth that I will tape to the outside of our church.  That’ll be a good time!

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A Day in the Life of the Ferguson Family

Each morning begins the same.  I awake to a child “whispering” in my ear or to the wakeful sounds of a hungry Laelia.  There are usually four people in our queen sized bed, but sometimes a fifth person sneaks in there too.  Although it’s cramped and sometimes there is a complaint or two about who gets to lay by mama, it’s usually a snuggly, giggly start to our day.

Then we all get up and go have breakfast.

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{Toadstools} another fun, easy-to-make gift for the kids

This was one of the more fun little things that I’ve made recently and so super cute!  As I posted a few days ago, I am trying to center a lot of the toys in our playroom around the tree house that Scott and his dad made for the girls a few years ago.  So, one of our newest additions and also part of this year’s Christmas gifts for them is this collection of toadstools.

Chloe loves to imagine that fairies live beneath the mushrooms that grow in our yard.  I love their imaginations.  They are just so precious.  In my search for all things natural and fabulous, I found this toadstool idea on Etsy.  So of course, I had to make it because it’s dreamy.Supplies

  1. Wooden cabinet door knobs
  2. Paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Pencil
  5. Sealant

The How to

When I bought the cabinet knobs (just at a local hardware store), I found three different sizes and I purchased three of each.  This will add a little dimension and variety in our tree house scene.

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