Valentine’s Day Prep

My kiddos have been quite anxious at the imagining that I may have possibly let Valentine’s Day slip by unnoticed.  There was some serious concern as I was called into question as to the whereabouts (or whenabouts) of Valentine’s Day and why had we not yet decorated?  There was speculation that everyone else was celebrating on that very day, but I had irresponsibly allowed Valentine’s Day to fall by the wayside, giving no thought to the feelings of my devastated children.  I carefully, so as not to upset their sweet feelings, informed them that we still had 24 days left and promised that we would not miss any of the fun parts of the day.DSC_9893 Continue reading


My Funny Valentines

Valentine’s Day began with a bang for us and didn’t fizzle out until bed time.  It began with our Valentine exchange, which was very cute.  I gave the kids a little gift–silverware.  Sounds super boring, right?  Well when you have two kids who fight over a spoon at each meal (yes, you heard me right.  A spoon.  A kind of fancy cocktail spoon that has has wire wrapped around the handle and sparkly stones wrapped into the wire.  It’s name?  The Diamond Spoon) So I found a set of super cute rainbow handled silverware.  In a set of 4!  Perfect. They loved them.DSC_7365 Continue reading

Valentine Mailboxes

I love making these little holidays special for the girls.  This year, I found the cutest little mailboxes at Target, which are being sold as a Valentine item, but they could be for just about any time!  They were just so adorable.  First, Chloe bought one for Willow.  She brought it home and decorated it for her for Valentine’s Day.  But they were just so cute I had to go back and get one for each of the girls (and the coming boy) and decorate them as well.  DSC_0364 Continue reading

A Year of Holidays Party

This past week, my mother visited, along with my brother and his fam.  We had a FANTASTIC week!  We went to the beach, swam, and had lots of fun adventures together.  I wanted this week to be extra special for the kids.  He has two sweet kiddos who we don’t get to see very often.  In fact, we are never together for the holidays or birthdays, so I decided to throw them….A Year of Holidays Party!  Oh, because I’m the coolest mom and aunt in the world.  That’s why.

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Personalized Heart Banners for Valentines Day

While flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I’ve seen on several occasions those really cute holiday bags that you can tie to the backs of dining room chairs.  For example, for Thanksgiving last year I saw a turkey that you could hang.  It could be personalized with your child’s name and doubled as a pocket where you could put Thanksgiving treats (Does anyone do that on Thanksgiving?  We never did when I was younger.  Did I miss a tradition?).  They have cute ones for Easter and so on.

So this year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make them for the girls–little Valentine Heart Banners.  They turned out so cute!  109241_orig Continue reading