Father’s Day

This Father’s Day is bittersweet for me. I’m so grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad to our kids. I’m thankful that they have him as a role model and to give them those good snugly hugs that only a daddy can give. He works hard for them and plays hard with them. I am also appreciative of the example he shows them as a husband. He is teaching our daughters how they should be treated by the man they marry and what to look for in a husband later. And our son is learning how to be a husband–how to treat his wife. He is also learning how to be a dad and a man of God. I’m thankful for this man. He is loving, kind, and gentle.


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Valentine’s Day Prep

My kiddos have been quite anxious at the imagining that I may have possibly let Valentine’s Day slip by unnoticed.  There was some serious concern as I was called into question as to the whereabouts (or whenabouts) of Valentine’s Day and why had we not yet decorated?  There was speculation that everyone else was celebrating on that very day, but I had irresponsibly allowed Valentine’s Day to fall by the wayside, giving no thought to the feelings of my devastated children.  I carefully, so as not to upset their sweet feelings, informed them that we still had 24 days left and promised that we would not miss any of the fun parts of the day.DSC_9893 Continue reading

Baby Blankets

Happy Father’s Day!  In honor of the daddy of our family, I wanted to share one of his favorite things…baby blankets.  I could tell you that he has a love of them and would still carry his around if he could.  But I won’t tell you that.  Instead I’ll show you my snuggly babies in their baby blankets…and then perhaps a little peek of Scott with his favorite baby blanket.

Chloe’s baby blanket

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Happy Easter!

I wish you a blessed Easter, full of remembrance of what our Savior did for us on this special day so long ago.  He Is Risen!

He is not here!  He is risen just as He said it would happen!                       Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter 2015

April Fools Day and 7 Fun Pranks

Two years ago I introduced Chloe to April Fools Day and pranking.  Not mean pranking.  Funny pranking.  One year we made brownies (Brown Es).  And another year we sent the grandparents Doughnut Seeds (Cheerios), which they thought was cute of course.  But this year…oh this year I am no longer on Chloe’s prankster team.  Nope.  I have been forced to the other side and I am now being pranked on.   Really, I couldn’t be more proud of my blossoming jokester.

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Merry Christmas!

Every year this day gets more magical as the kids understand more about Christmas.  This year, we spent Christmas in our new house.  It was fun to figure out where the tree would go.  It was fun to decide how to do the lights outside.  But what was super amazing was the comprehension these kids have about just how special Christmas is.  They have it down.  They’re not all about the presents.  They really get it.  They understand that the gifts are just a fun part, but that the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus being born.  And it’s so precious to see and hear them talk about it….that is, until it came time to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.  Then all bets are off.  Santa is coming.  Nothing else exists and sleep becomes impossible.  DSC_7918 Continue reading

Earth Week

This was our first year recognizing Earth Day.  I checked out some crafts that we could make.  But it all seemed pretty silly to me.  Because why waste paper and time working on a project when we can be our there cleaning up our environment and learning through experience? Experiential learning is the best way for kids to learn anyway! And, rather than learn about Earth Day for just a day, we took an entire week and learned about our environment and the importance of keeping it clean.  We decided to clean up areas where we frequent, beginning in our own neighborhood!  We walked around our block, talked about litter, and cleaned up trash that had blown out of garbage cans and recycling bins.  The girls really enjoyed this, which might come as a surprise.  They each got a bag and happily walked around searching for trash.  DSC_0046 Continue reading

Good Friday ~ Crown of Thorns Bread

Teaching the kids about Easter and Holy Week has always proved to be a challenge for me.  But this year we had a lot of fun learning about Easter and all the important moments leading up to it.  While the Easter bunny can be a fun idea, I feel that Easter is too important to cloud it with the bunny.  Maybe that’s a little prudish, but the special moments that we remember during this week are so great in number that the secular aspects add a little more than seems necessary.  Aaand, since I bring the fun just about anywhere I go, we of course had a good time on our journey through Holy Week.  I’ve also gotten a lot of ideas for how to do it in the years to come.  But one thing I discovered that we had fun doing today was making our daily bread into the crown of thorns.  DSC_9562 Continue reading