Trimming the Tree

Our little tree was a challenge this year. Florida Christmas trees are small and do not have sturdy branches. That didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time decorating.

I love the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” that happen when each ornament is unwrapped. The stories that are recalled. My favorite ornaments are the handprints and others that depict how tiny my growing children once were.

The older four have welcomed our sweet new guy with happy, open arms. They are all so excited to show him what Christmas is and that he gets to discover each little part of this special time of year.

There always comes a point in our decorating when the kids begin to lose interest in what we’re doing. They get sidetracked by something one by one until it’s just me and the tree. Which I don’t mind. At this point I clean up and set aside some things to add a little later.

I still remember decorating as a kid. I can see my mother’s purple, handblown glass ornaments that were always my favorites. I can see the big bulb lights that were actually made of real glass. My brother made me a giant ornament made out of paper and decorated it with beads and sequins. I love those memories just as much as the new ones we make each year.


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