Tree Farm

In Florida, a true cut-your-own Christmas tree farm is hard to come by. There was only one that I could find in all of Florida. Lately I have been feeling like the more family adventures we can go on, the better. So naturally we trekked off to this farm. The two hour drive didn’t seem that bad. We kept ourselves busy and happy in the car. 

The tree farm was fun! Lots of stuff to do.  They did have an actual farm there. My girls saw the goats and started squealing and running toward them yelling, “Goats! Goats!” This really threw me for a moment. I mean, we have goats. The girls milk them twice each day. What??? But it turns out that they were just pretty psyched about a smaller breed of goats. This little sheep was pretty cute too. 

The tree hunt was fun, but definitely not as fun as hunting for one up north. While it’s cold up there, Florida offers a different set of…we will just call them reasons why kids might complain. Fire ants, yellow jackets (they like the trees!), other bugs, and the heat, although, we did go on a beautiful day. In Florida, the usual types of Christmas trees that you might find at a tree lot won’t grow. But the sand pine is a really nice tree! So we found one we all mostly agreed on (6-1) and started cutting. 

I love the tree hunting experience. It’s one we did every year when I was a kid, and I love sharing that with my family. I think we might start our own little tree farm right on our land. 🌲


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