Hurricane Irma and a birthday

Wow! We are nothing short of blessed by the outcome of Hurricane Irma. What could have been a disaster and “catastrophic” as the news suggested numerous times, turned out to be flooding and a couple minor repairs. Others were not nearly as blessed. All of that wind and rain, while scary at times, actually provided us with a great day spent as a family. And what better day for it to happen than Laelia’s birthday!

We had horse races, played games, painted our nails, ate cake and ice cream, had a birthday gift treasure hunt (that one always ends up happening just moments after the last person wakes up and not a second later!), and did gymnastics in the livingroom. 

Our power waited to go out until just about bedtime (for the kids), so we all snuggled up together in our room…but not too close because it was hot! And candlelight was just he right touch for this snugly moment. 

As I reflect it might sound like a magical day. And it was. However, with multiple tornado warnings, worry about our animals and outbuildings, concern for our house and our wellbeing, as well as that of our family this was a stressful few days that I am choosing to remember as a fun-filled day. After all, on this day 7 years ago God gave us our sweet girl. She has been a firecracker with a brilliant sense of humor and a kind and loving heart. She continues to fill each day with sunshine…even one that is cloudy, rainy, and destined for a hurricane!


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