Prepping for Hurricane Irma

Less than one year from our last hurricane preparations and we are battening down again. On our farm we like to welcome friendly visitors with open arms, but Irma is definitely an unwelcome visitor.

We are busy moving things into the garage and the barn, loading things up to go to the dump, and finishing as much palmetto berry picking as we can. The kids are big helpers! They have been moving chairs, clearing yard toys, and even hauling tires that were intended to be climbing toys for the goats who didn’t really like them.

These last couple days have been spent hanging hurricane shutters,

burning any wood left by our fire pit,

and securing our animals as best we can. (They thought I was bringing them food here, so they were a little grumpy at me when I didn’t feed them.)

And that’s just the outside prep! Inside we have been getting water stored for drinking and in the bathtubs, packing clothes in case we decide to get out of here at the last minute (probably not, but it’s good to be ready), getting laundry finished up, and preparing foods for the pantry. Willow washed 18 pounds of potatoes, an easy thing to cook on our charcoal grill when the power is out for days.

Last minute grocery and supply runs have been made, and of course we topped off our gas tanks and cans.

We will be without power for quite a while, so we’re getting the floors vacuumed and the house clean. It might not seem like an important part of hurricane prep, but with 7 people in one house, for me it is!

And our sweet Laelia is turning 7 years old tomorrow, the day Irma will pass through, so we are also busily getting ready for that. The girls baked a cake. Everyone is sneakily making presents for her. Tonight we will decorate so she can wake up to something much happier than a hurricane on her birthday. It will be an exciting diversion from such a gloomy day.


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