One Year Ago…

Today my heart is heavy. I miss my dad every day, but today I feel that sadness hanging a little heavier over me. This is the day my dad went to be with the Lord. This is the morning he breathed his final breath and his soul departed from his body. I miss him.

If you’ve never lost a parent or loved one, then it’s hard to understand that ache that resides in your heart when they go. I still find myself thinking I should text or call him when the kids do or say something that he would find funny. I take pictures and think, “I should send that to him. He would love it.” It’s only a split second thought that fizzles away, and is replaced with moments of sadness shortly after.


I haven’t been able to listen to them all yet, but I still have messages from my Dad!

I miss my dad, but I don’t wish him back on this earth anymore. I am grateful for my time with him and that my babies knew and loved him. My dad had a longing to live in Heaven. His soul craved it. He talked openly about not being made for this world, but for the next one. I vividly remember these conversations. I can hear his words. Which is why my soul breathes easier knowing that our abrupt separation is only temporary. And rather than weep in sadness today, I can do so with rejoicing because I’ll see him again one day!


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