Servants for Jesus

Something that has consumed my heart for some time is teaching my children to have a heart for Jesus. Part of this heart, this passion, is serving Him. My hubby and I both serve faithfully in our church, with our children right alongside of us. Modeling this behavior to our kids has taken a prominent place in our activities. Part of what we share with them as we do things together is that serving the Lord doesn’t have to be done in this grand way. It can be as simple as watering plants at church or taking chairs off the table after the janitor cleans a room. We can replace napkins or sweep the floor. Anything they do, as long as their hearts are focused on the Lord, is an act of service for Him.

Since I am the Director of Children’s Ministries at our church, they are frequently given opportunities to serve. One of my favorite ways to serve others in Jesus’ name is to make dinners for people who are going through a difficult time, and my kids love to get in on this too!

Yes, thats my finger.

My oldest baby will be 10 in March. Yesterday she came to me with sadness all over her sweet face. When I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she knows that there are so many people in the world who don’t know who God is. She feels sad about that, and just wants to tell everyone about Him. Well that about knocked me over, although she is a sweet hearted little lady so it makes sense that she would feel that way. However, sadly she told me this after I had only been awake for about 3 minutes, so my reply was super lame. I am not quite sure what I mumbled. Later we had a great conversation about it. I asked her if she had given any thought to how she wanted to share the best news ever with the world. She said she thought she might want to make baskets to take to homeless people. When she finds the right person to share with, she would tell them all about our Lord and Savior. This girl.

So our mission is on, and I’m a proud mama.


2 thoughts on “Servants for Jesus

  1. You and hubby and Jesus have done an amazing job at raising beautiful, amazing, dear children that have the love of the Lord in your heart. With the example that you and hubby have said, it’s no wonder That your daughter would have these kinds of thoughts and feelings.

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