Christmas Traditions

We all have them-those special things we do each year that give us the warm fuzzies and remind us that it’s Christmas time! I’m sure many of us share some of the same traditions. We decorate our Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols (sometimes off key), bake yummy treats, and prepare gifts for our nearest and dearest.

Our family has a new one. We’ve been doing this for about 4 years now so I think it has become an official tradition, although I didn’t actually look up what constitutes a tradition, but I’ll call it that anyway. In our neighboring town there is a musical house. That’s what we call it anyway. This house has lights that are choreographed to Christmas music. It’s very cool and such a nice thing to do for the community. I’ll give you a wee sample so you can share in the tradition this year. This is becoming an annual favorite for us.

There is the obvious family togetherness aspect of Christmas that I love. Christmas with kids is wonderful. Truly a full-of-wonder, magical experience for all. This is one of my favorite things. We are building those lifelong memories. These are those precious moments  that will make them feel warm and cozy as they remember them later in life. We are making them count!

Equally favorited by me is our Christmas Eve service at church. This might sound silly to some, but if you are missing the Lord in your Christmas, then you are missing the most important part! Jesus is the reason for all of this. Without Christ there is no Christmas. We have created all the extra fluff involved in this time of year. We establish new traditions like elves, parades, musical houses, and eating too many treats.

But through all this fluff He is the one thing that will always remain. He is our constant. We have to seek Him, but He is right there waiting for us. If celebrating the birth of Jesus is not a part of your family’s Christmas traditions, include Him this year! Even if you begin by just reading the story of the birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-20 in the Bible or check out a library book).

I encourage you to find a church in your community or through a friend that has a Christmas Eve service. In our church this is a very special time of celebration! We honor the Lord and praise Him for all He has done for us. It is a great tradition and a perfect way to keep our focus on Jesus at Christmas.


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