Chicken Pox

Sometimes Scott’s job takes him away from us for a few days. Usually, and I wish this didn’t have a pattern to follow it, but usually when he goes something unusual happens. Unusual and unpleasant. This particular week began with Chloe getting sick. It only lasted for a day so I blew it off. But the rest of them followed like dominoes, hitting Laelia and then Reed. Willow was last to get sick. After about a day of a fever, Reed came to me in pain. He had a big patch of blisters on his leg. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then it hit me–chicken pox. 


Oh boy. Well that would make sense for us to have a chicken pox outbreak while daddy is away for work. So we hunkered down to face the next few days of discomfort, sleepless nights, oatmeal baths, and lots of snuggles. Daddy didn’t miss all the fun. There were still plenty of chicken pox for him too.


Not everyone got it. Chloe had the vaccine (minus the booster) so it skipped her. Willow never got it. Maybe one day soon we’ll see some bumps appear on her, but so far it has skipped her (which I didn’t think happened). Laelia had 6 little bumps come and go with minimal discomfort. And Reed, oh poor Reed, had them enough for all four kiddos combined. They were  in all the usual places, plus in his throat and on the bottoms of his feet, which is really tough for a little guy who loves food and running around any time he wants. It’s hard to have the chicken pox when you’re three. He chalked it up to his chickens and all of their “chicken pecks.” They were definitely to blame.


Now he’s on the mend and, although I’m so glad he’s much better I’m missing those long snuggle moments in the rocking chair.


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