Hurricane Matthew Prep

He’s on his way, and his track is aimed right for us. I think in a situation like this it’s difficult to feel entirely prepared. Can you ever do enough? Scott put up the hurricane shutters.

We have eliminated lots of potential hazardous flying objects by cleaning up our yard. This is a feat to behold since the barn is in the process of construction and materials were everything where. The swing set has been altered and laid on its side, along with the rabbit hutch.

Animals have been relocated to safer places…all but the chickens. They are going to stay outside. 

The goats are on the porch with the barn kitties.

The rabbits are in the garage with the chicks, along with everything extra that needed a place to be.

Food has been prepared for when we lose power. And our charcoal grill is on standby for the power outage that will continue long after the storm has ended.

We will lose the blessing of running water. So, I have filled all available containers with water. Our bathtub has been cleaned, sanitized, and filled. It is ready to flush toilets with, but also can be drunk if needed.

Landry is done. The floors have had a final vacuum. Everyone has had a shower since it could be a while before our next one 😬. I’ve videoed our home inside and out for insurance purposes.  We’ve prayed…a lot. Please pray for us and others along the coast and for all those who have already experienced Matthew. We are grateful for God’s provision and for sturdy shelter.


9 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Prep

  1. Praying for my favorite family in Florida! I love reading your blog & I know you are being cared for by the one who is way mightier than Matthew! Stay safe!

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