Watercolor Walls

We’ve been in our house for two years now. The room that the girls share is a nice size so they all three fit great in there together, but it needed a paint job…badly!  I love the way Waldorf schools paint their walls. They use the Lazure technique, which looks amazing!


Lazure painting has been found to be peaceful and to assist in mental health. Its calming attributes come from the way this painting method, when completed, looks like parts of nature painted right on your walls. Some rooms feel like a sunset, others a rainbow or the ocean. The colors play with the movement of light. It’s really quite beautiful, and in the end they look very much like watercolor.


I studied up on this technique. I watched videos….lots of videos until I was ready. And then I went for it.


This process was incredibly time consuming. I wound up painting the purple section three times until I was finally happy with the color and transition between colors (this picture was after the first try). But in the end it turned out fantastic.


I designed it so that where the girls sleep is the more pleaceful, calming colors. The rest of the room has a more vibrant feel. The colors serve each age of child differently, so I kept that in mind while planning as well.



Bunk beds are the next adventure for these kiddos!


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