Grape Pickin’

We’ve been in our house for almost two years, but I keep finding new and exciting things around our property.  At the end of spring, the blackberries were everywhere.  We had so much fun finding their plants (which are not bushes here in Florida) and picking the berries.  They were everywhere!


I started noticing little grapes on the grapevines that cover so much on our land.  It turns out these are muscadine grapes.  Many of the grapes are ripe, so it’s time to pick!



They are a little tart, but the kids don’t mind.  This week we’ve been picking the grapes. It will probably take another two weeks to collect them all as they ripen.  Sadly, so many of them are too high for us to reach, so we might have to get daddy and a ladder in on our adventure.


In case you are ever in the situation, good grape harvesters always stop to pet the goats on their way past.


A few years ago I was feeling sad and needed a boost of God’s love.  Just a sign that He was near.  Over the next week I found little impatient flowers growing all over our yard.  They grew by the pool.  They grew along the edges of our house.  They grew in our garden.  I knew exactly why I started seeing them, and every time I looked at those flowers I felt that reminder of God’s love.  It’s strengthening.  It’s uplifting.  It’s empowering.  I didn’t notice the grapes last year.  I feel like they are such a big thing for me to miss and I’m surprised that I didn’t notice them.  But I think God brings things when we need them the most.

While one might argue that they are just grapes, they are just blackberries, they are just flowers, I choose to believe that these things are a symbol of God’s provision and love for us.  And as we walked the property we found more reminders that our God is a loving God.






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