School Days

My mind is filled with lesson plans.  Books and papers, reading materials and math games, co-op schedules and daily rhythms are whirling around in my head.  Tomorrow begins our first day back to school after our break.


Our schooling is done year round, which means we school throughout the entire year, but take breaks here and there.  In this way, we are able to take breaks when we need them, to keep things healthy, to keep us from burning out.  And when events or important things come up, we can take the time we need to focus on them.


Today was spent in preparation for the coming week.  I was very blessed with a few quiet hours to sit down and work through our lesson plans…alone!  It was rare and very appreciated.  In those moments of peace and stillness, with stacks of binders and books, the outline of our family’s rhythm was put onto paper.  It’s always exciting to take a break and It’s always exciting to start up again.  I am ready and the kids are ready to settle back into learning.  While we truly never stop schooling, as there are always moments of learning – moments throughout our day, moments when they teach each other or when learning happens organically – we will happily be back at our table.



I feel extra ready to begin this time.  Things feel fresh and new, more organized then they had been before our break.  Toward the end of our last schooling session, Scott made this wonderful shelf that wraps around the top of our dining room/school room.  Here is where school books  and manipulatives are organized by grade.  Chalk boards are ready.  Our school cabinet has been tidied and prepped for daily use, where we put the school supplies that we use every day.


Fresh beginnings are exciting.  They are full of possibility.  They are frothed with imagination.  And in our house, they are readied with the excitement of small, happy children, thrilled to be schooling once more.



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