Father’s Day

This Father’s Day is bittersweet for me. I’m so grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad to our kids. I’m thankful that they have him as a role model and to give them those good snugly hugs that only a daddy can give. He works hard for them and plays hard with them. I am also appreciative of the example he shows them as a husband. He is teaching our daughters how they should be treated by the man they marry and what to look for in a husband later. And our son is learning how to be a husband–how to treat his wife. He is also learning how to be a dad and a man of God. I’m thankful for this man. He is loving, kind, and gentle.


I am thankful that God put so many dads in my life. I have a wonderful father-in-law and stepdad. This is my first Father’s Day without my dad. I knew it would be hard, but I don’t like to face the thought of something being emotionally difficult before I have to experience it. While I am blessed by those around me, today still has a black cloud over it for me. I miss my dad. I can’t call him today. I can’t tell him I love him. I can just miss him and be sad. At the same time I try not to let it show that I just want to cry. I don’t want to ruin the day for others. It will always be a celebration of the dads here in our lives and a remembrance of the one we’ve lost.

Much love to all the dads in your life!


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