The cool, breezy days are leaving us, and we are at the point where the windows and doors will stay closed for the summer.  I have been enjoying the cool weather so much, and I’ve been making sure to appreciate every moment while it’s been with us.  The kids have too.  I’ve found them outside many times, playing and dreaming away together.  Ahhh…it fills me with so much joy!  I remember these moments with my brother.  We played outside all the time and they are my favorite memories.


I remember making our play house a plays where we played house…more like homesteading than the traditional house playing.  We had to build a fire and hang the pot over it.  We even filled it with “stew” and had a delicious dinner.


We trekked down to the creek and played for hours, catching crayfish and minnows to bring home and add to our fish tank.


And now I’m watching as my own kids do the same things.  I’m grateful for the space they have to play and the playmates God has granted each of these children.


I’m grateful for the special moments they have created together with their own unique imaginations and combinations thereof.  Have you listened to your kids play?  They are so smart.  I love the scenarios they come up with.  They each have a part in their play.  And they work together to make the magic of their imaginations unfold.  I am blessed to be a part of it as I watch and listen as they talk and laugh and dream together.




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