A Work in Progress…

I love a project. Something I can dream about and slowly work on here and there.


Even as a mother of four there are little moments throughout the day when my creative side gets an opportunity to break free…in the car, when the kids have finally snuggled in for the night, in those sweet moments of play (the ones with no fighting, of course).



And I find when I don’t allow myself this time, I get antsy.  I need to create.  I have this genuine need to plan a project and make something wonderful.


My children are the same way.  They spend lots of time and energy coming up with new and fantastic things from their wonderful imaginations.  Sometimes they build/decorate things from scraps of wood.  They spend lots of time with their scissors, glue, and paper.  I am given countless beautiful pictures.  They have become great little seamstresses, knitters, and crocheters.


There is always something brewing.  A new project being planned.  Patterns being made.  Pictures being hung on the wall.  Fabric and yarn strewn across the living room.  Paint brushes on the counter.  I’m thankful that I am able to pass down this legacy of unbounded creativity.  And I love being a part of theirs!





2 thoughts on “A Work in Progress…

  1. You could have been describing me here! Except I only have two kids. But I need to create, and if I don’t, then I’m no longer a nice person. I get antsy and short tempered and even depressed. It totally affects my health. Creating otoh is healing, and it seems to extend time…

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