{Menu Mondays} Extracts

Here is something special to add to your pantry.  I’m sure you have some great extracts–vanilla, lemon, peppermint, or your other favorites.  But the very best extracts are those you make yourself!  And how easy they are to make!

Extract 2.jpg

This particular batch I made as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law.  Aren’t these bottles great!?  I found them at Michael’s for really cheap.

Extract 1

There are very detailed recipes that you can find elsewhere, but for mine, I usually just add mint leaves or rinds from lemons or oranges and fill the bottle with vodka.  You can also use rum, bourbon, or brandy.  If using vanilla beans, you can add several to the bottle.  Make sure to slice them lengthwise first to allow the alcohol to reach the paste.

Store the bottles in a dark place for 6-8 weeks.  You will find that you have some very tasty extract after the long wait is over.  And if you’re looking for a fantastic gift for a friend, these are perfect!  I made these today and I keep looking at them because they’re just so pretty.

Extract 3




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