Dessert Stand

The fleeting moments of childhood are everywhere I turn.  Yesterday they came in the form of a dessert stand after dinner.  Usually even before I’ve finished chewing my first bite the ever tormenting question comes flying at me from one of my sweets-loving children, “What’s for dessert?”  I wish I always had one ready.  I wish it was exciting every evening.  But in truth, I dread dessert.  It’s so hard to please everyone.  For the first week following Halloween and Easter, dessert is easy.  “Just choose one candy from your bucket,” I say.  They seem very pleased and I feel like I just wiggled my way out of dessert preparations.  But then I throw away all of their candy and I am left making dessert again.


As we were eating dinner yesterday Willow calls out with a burst of excitement, “I can make my dessert stand tonight!” Now, this in no way keeps me from having to prepare dessert.  But I did get to see them all run around, setting up tables and chairs and pillows, getting their stand all ready to sell dessert to me.  It was fantastic.


I also didn’t have to actually make anything.  I just got it ready and they did all the work.


S’mores!  We had s’mores….over the stove, but they were still a yummy treat.  And they tasted even yummier having been made by those sweet little hands.  Sure, they cost me a dollar, but I also got a dollar in change which seemed fair.



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