April Fools!

My brother is in town.  Do you know how rare it is to have my prank loving brother visit on April Fools Day?!  I couldn’t have planned it better.

It all started the day Kevin was born.  He was small and, at two years my junior, just waiting for me to play jokes on him.  And I did.  However, as he got older, he did too.  And so it went for many years back and forth with the pranks.  As my life got busier and busier with work and family, I wasn’t as aware and more inclined to fall for pranks.  Kevin continued in his prankster ways.  But after six kids Mr. Funny Pants himself got less aware of pranks and joking.  He stopped doing things like putting his toenail clippings on my pillowcase so they’d get stuck in my hair and did more things like changing diapers and writing sermons (I know, it’s super crazy that an entire church wanted the guy who used to put his sweat-drenched basketball socks in my bed, to be a part of their pastoral team.  It’s definitely true that God can use anyone.).


Now, for my prank I needed something that was cheap, quick to prepare, and would make a pretty significant impact.  As we were getting ready to leave for the beach on this bright and happy April Fools morning it came to me…diapers.  Diapers were something that he wouldn’t expect and would think were from his kids since two of them still wear them.  So, I quickly grabbed a chocolate bunny from Reed’s Easter candy, preheated the oven, and put the bunny in a diaper.


I learned after a couple minutes that diapers melt.  Did you know that?  You probably did.  You’re so smart.


But the bunny was already melted, so the job was done.


Now the best way to handle this is to add some water to the diaper to give it that heavy, saggy feel.  Authenticity is key.  And with that in mind, I’m told that Nutella looks more natural, but we don’t have any of that here.  Allergies.


Once we were at the beach I checked Kevin’s car.  As his gift to me, he left it unlocked.  So, I stole quickly inside and left it on his seat. Open.  Job well done.


An hour and a half of beach time went by and we made our way out to the cars.  Finally it was time.  He opened his door, and I’ll tell you now that this went so perfectly.  He just couldn’t figure out how a dirty diaper had been left on his seat when both of the babies were at home with their mother.  And that is where the fun was.  He was just tired enough that this went perfectly.  The Kevin of 2002 would never have fallen for the old poopy diaper trick.  He just kept saying, “What? What is this?”

It was kind of gross when he ate the chocolate out of the diaper though.





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