In the Garden

I love this time of year!  The windows and doors are kept open while the warm breeze blows gently through the house, bringing the sounds and sweet smells bustling in with it.  And at the same time, the garden has been requiring attention because it’s planting season!


I fertilized and Scott composted and tilled.


I want to point out that, while I’m thankful that he tilled, tilling looks like a big, tough job, what with the giant machine and all.  Don’t let that fool you though. The tiller itself does all the work.  Easy peasy.  Scott breezed right through the garden quite casually in a matter of like 30 minutes.  With that said…


The girls and I dug the trenches for the massive amounts of rain that we get.  And we made rows.  Lots and lots of rows.  It took us a couple days, but we finally got it all done.  My sweet little helpers.  🙂  But no one got any blisters and I am grateful that we all had a good time and that my sweet girls jumped in and helped me without my asking.


We seeded.


And watered.


And are happily waiting for our little sprouts to show!




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