{Menu Mondays} Peanut Butter

Today was a “from scratch” kind of day.  We spent several hours in the kitchen making lots of yummy things for our family.  And one of the things we made was peanut butter!  We had lots of fun snacking on peanuts and licking spoons as the smell of peanut butter filled the room.


And how do you make peanut butter?  Well, I’ll tell you.

You can make peanut butter using roasted peanuts or raw.  Both ways work great.  Roasted peanuts make peanut butter faster and the peanut butter ends up with a nice yellow color–the color you are used to seeing in peanut butter.  Using raw peanuts will give you more of a light brown and you won’t find that yellow hue in the butter.  You will also find a bit of a taste difference.  I prefer roasted peanut butter, but they are both tasty.



  • Peanuts
  • Oil (coconut, grape seed…something good.  But you might want to stay away from canola or veggie.

Optional additives: salt and/or honey



Put your peanuts in a food processor and blend!


First, the peanuts will become chopped.  Then for several minutes they will just blend and climb up the sides of your food processor.  So, you’ll need to stop every now and then to scrape down the sides and then keep going!


Peanuts have their own oils inside of them and are able to produce butter all on their own.  However, if you are using raw peanuts, you might need a bit of oil.  They work a bit more slowly than roasted.


After a little while, you will have peanut butter!  And it will most likely be the most delicious peanut butter you have ever tasted.  Pair with fluffy, white bread and homemade jam and enjoy, my friends!



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