Our oldest little lady turned nine last week.  It seems so hard to believe that she is already nine.  Part of me wants to cry for the moments that are gone forever and part of me rejoices for the special young lady she is and will continue to become.


So, we celebrated our sweet girl for the beautiful lady she is.  As her mother, it is my biological duty, and one that I do not take lightly, to love her and all of her siblings and to appreciate all of the amazing things about them.  So saying, I will tell you that this little lady is so kind and caring.  Her loving heart is one that I treasure.  She has become quite the little mama and loves to mother all of us.  Even me.  And I let her.  I  cherish her, heart and soul, and am grateful every moment of every day that God chose me to be her mama.  She is not mine.  She is His and I am thankful for each new day that our family is blessed with her gentle spirit.


If you have or have had a nine year old, then you know that this is a disenchanting age–an age when the magic of childhood begins to fizzle and imagination takes a turn.  The moments spent playing in the closet for hours with her sisters, while they went on a magical journey of creative play have become fewer.  And the moments spent reading alone and playing with friends are increasing.  I find we are having more conversations lately about feelings and things that she has forgotten about her earlier years, in which her sisters and brother are still immersed, but that she no longer understands in the same way.



But, I am so thankful that the magic has not completely gone away.  My girl still loves and believes in unicorns and several other wonderful things.  This year, she chose to have a unicorn birthday party.  It was fun and precious and one more year that imagination still reigned in her world.


After our usual birthday gift scavenger hunt


and her favorite breakfast,


we had a super fun party with her friends and family.  Which included….a unicorn piñata that Chloe and I made together.  I will share our secrets to unicorn piñata making with you soon.


I challenge you, my friends, to love love love those little ones.  They grow so fast.  I have heard several parents say that they are just trying to survive their kids’ childhood, which makes me super sad.  One of my secret rules for myself (I have a bunch) is to “Thrive, Not Survive!” Just those three words mean so much to me and I hope that they stand out to you as well.

Be well, my friends!



One thought on “Unicorns

  1. I’m glad you got more use of the unicorn hats. I also like the picture with Ken and Julie in the background. Fun times!!

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