Valentine’s Day Prep

My kiddos have been quite anxious at the imagining that I may have possibly let Valentine’s Day slip by unnoticed.  There was some serious concern as I was called into question as to the whereabouts (or whenabouts) of Valentine’s Day and why had we not yet decorated?  There was speculation that everyone else was celebrating on that very day, but I had irresponsibly allowed Valentine’s Day to fall by the wayside, giving no thought to the feelings of my devastated children.  I carefully, so as not to upset their sweet feelings, informed them that we still had 24 days left and promised that we would not miss any of the fun parts of the day.DSC_9893DSC_9901

Which brings us to today.  The day I gave them a stack of paper.  The day I got down the decorations.  The day our home has been enveloped in a world of arts and crafts and definitely hearts.  I mean stacks of paper hearts.  DSC_9898DSC_9896

After four hours of preparing and cutting and discussing and giggling and decorating, they paused for some clementines and then decided to cut some more hearts and pushed it one more hour, making it five, yes FIVE hours of Valentine fun!  DSC_9888

Phew!  And now we are ready.  We are ready for Valentine’s Day.  Everything else matters not. DSC_9889DSC_9904


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