{Menu Mondays}

Before you say anything, I know, believe me I know!  I have been MIA for quite a while.  It’s not like I have a super great excuse like this one.  Ready?  Because it’s good.  The CIA commissioned me for a top-secret, three month mission.  I just got back and I would love to tell you the details, but unfortunately, as I’ve said before it was top-secret.  Not just secret, but TOP secret.  See?  That’s an excuse that no one can argue with.  I think we’ll just stick with that one because of how good it is.


Per a request from my very good friend (who made this request in, like August or something, so I’m apparently not as good of a friend since it’s almost February), I am starting Menu Mondays!  They will take place on Mondays, just in case that wasn’t clear.  And each Monday I will share a recipe with you.  It might not be an entire meal…or it might be!  Either way it will be something super fantastically delicious.  I want to also supersede all Menu Monday posts by saying that I believe whole heartedly in fresh, organic, raw ingredients.  I am confident when I say that God made them that way for a reason.  He put all the good-for-us stuff in there and when we change that, we cause problems…in many respects.  I think milk from a cow is perfect the way it is.  No need to mess with that creamy goodness.  And eggs…oh eggs!  Brought from the coop still warm from their makers.  Dreamy!  You get where I’m going with this, so as I’m sharing recipes with you I will encourage you to search deep into your inner farm girl (or boy) and maybe visit some farmers markets if the fresh goodness isn’t right in your backyard.

So, starting next week, look for some yummy and pretty easy recipes, all of which my family loves, to add to your family’s meal plan.  Speaking of meal plans, I’m horrible at them.  Absolutely terrible and I respect everyone who can keep it together enough to first of all, create a meal plan, and secondly, to stick with it.  You’re the real heros here.



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