Muscadine Grape Jelly…Picking Time!

Grape season is coming to a close here in Florida.  And we made the most of it this year.  With all the U Picks around here, we made out like bandits.  We got 35 pounds (at $1 per pound)!  Needless to say, our house is filled with the sweet aroma of grapes.  Some were for eating, but most were for making into jelly.



Like most parts of our life here, picking grapes was an adventure.  While we had to muck through some squishy earth (it’s the wet season here) and dodge fire ant hills and pay attention to which clusters might have been visited by fire ants, we found some amazing grapes. And, with permission, we nibbled as we picked.


Each time we went the only reason we turned to go home was because of the heat…phew!  We were each a sweaty mess by the time we reached the car.  But it was worth it.


Now, we have been enjoying our jelly so much these past couple weeks.  It’s sweet and tart and the perfect addition to the super amazing Flaky Butter Biscuit recipe I found….which we’ve been baking a lot of lately.  I’ll share that soon, because you NEED it!



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