Teeny Tiny Turtle

Since moving to the farm, we have had visitors from many different types of animals.  Turtles are one of our favorite visitors.  Sometimes they come and sun themselves by the pond or go for a swim.  Sometimes we find them walking through the yard  and we follow them for a while to see what adventures they are going to have.  One thing we enjoy is watching turtles eat.  They are very fast and ambitious eaters!  But today as we were leaving for church, we heard the squeals from three sweet little girls, followed by, “A little turtle!” loudly shouted.  Because we have such large turtles in our area, I was assuming this little guy was maybe box turtle size….but no!  I’ve never seen such a teeny tiny turtle before!



I am one of those people who believes that when we see something so very out of the ordinary, that God put it there just at that very second as a sign of His love for us.  And that for that moment, He wanted us to stop rushing on His day and pause and breathe in the wonder of His creation.  And we sure did!  The rewards that come are so generous and beautiful.  I’m thankful for little ones who are always looking around them, ready to discover the world and to see what God has for them.  If it had not been for their watchful eyes, we might have missed another piece of our extraordinary Creator!




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