April Fools Day and 7 Fun Pranks

Two years ago I introduced Chloe to April Fools Day and pranking.  Not mean pranking.  Funny pranking.  One year we made brownies (Brown Es).  And another year we sent the grandparents Doughnut Seeds (Cheerios), which they thought was cute of course.  But this year…oh this year I am no longer on Chloe’s prankster team.  Nope.  I have been forced to the other side and I am now being pranked on.   Really, I couldn’t be more proud of my blossoming jokester.


This morning I awoke to a very fussy Reed (Day 3 of a fever 😦 Poor Bubs.).  And a very helpful Chloe was waiting there next to us trying to cheer him up a bit.  When she saw that I was awake, she immediately said, “Do you want to look in the mirror?”


Should I look in the mirror? Did you do something to my face?” I asked, knowing exactly what today was.  She’s very cute and sweet, but she’s out to get me!

“Yes,” she said as a smile slowly began to spread over her face.

I walked to the bathroom and found that I had grown a very lopsided marker mustache in the night.

That’s okay.  Because two can play at this game.

Last night I made jello and poured it in glasses…with a straw.  They were very excited about their “juice” at breakfast only to discover that it was jello, which is still yummy!



I told her I have another prank for her.  She’s been waiting all day… 🙂 I had thought about short sheeting them because that’s fun.  But I might just let the expectation of another prank that isn’t actually going to happen be the prank.  Which is much easier for me anyway.

And I couldn’t leave Scott out.  😉



In case it isn’t clear, which it probably is, the post-it keeps the curser from moving on the screen because the mouse’s eye can’t detect movement with the paper over it.  🙂  When he turned it over to check the problem, he saw the note on the bottom.

Enjoy this fun day!


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