In the Garden

It’s planting time!  I have been looking forward to this for such a long time.  Every time I worked in my old tiny raised gardens.  Every time I went to the grocery store to buy expensive, organic produce.  Every time I drove 40 minutes to pick up produce from the coop…I thought about it.  And dreamed about it.  I can’t wait to have my garden abundantly producing what my family eats.  Last week we began our planting.  Our garden is about 15 feet x 100 feet.  It took a while to get it ready to plant (and it would’ve been longer if not for the help of a friend with a tiller!).


I love how much of a family event gardening is.  Now, how long they help is a different story, but there is definitely something for everyone to do, big and small.



After the garden was tilled Scott and our good friend (“good friend” is definitely an understatement here, because it was the same friend with the tiller, which means he’s a super duper good friend.  ) helped separate the garden into rows based on my garden plan that I devised using a fantastic website.



Then we weeded and got to planting (With the help of our good friend’s family.  Seriously good friends, right?!  I think we’ll keep them around for a while.).



I ordered a lot of our seeds from the same website as I did the garden planner.  The seeds came in and when I was about to open them some helpers came to do the job for me.  They will eat anything, I tell ya.



In fact, as I was putting out the markers for the garden rows, the goats happily came behind me and ate them!  Those silly goats.  It didn’t take long for us to plant the garden.


After which, our fertilizers came along to do the job.  Thank you, chickens and goats!






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