Well, it’s true.  I’m a goat person.  I thought I was.  I even wanted to move to a farm just to become a goat person.  And as it turns out, I’m a goat person!  It’s been five weeks since the kids came to our farm. We were able to get twin nubians – a boy and a girl (Kevin Mike (named after my brother, which was very important to Chloe) and Hazel).  They came to live with us when they were three days old…precious!  And if you haven’t tried it yet, I’ll just tell you that bottle feeding baby goats is super adorable.


10 facts about goats that you might not know:

1.  Goats are snuggly

2.  Goats like to be scratched like puppies

3.  If you happen upon a kid, you will want to take it home and love it forever, even if you lived in a closet in a big city (it wouldn’t matter because you’d have your goat!).


4.  Goats like to be with people.  They seek you out for companionship (not just because they’re hungry).

5.  Your husband might say that having goats is not a good idea, but then he’d have them and realize that they are precious and adorable and he can’t believe he ever thought about not having them.

6.  Goats like to play on playgrounds (yes, even swings).

7.  When goats are separated they cry for each other.  It’s very sad.  You reeeally want to help them find their buddy again.


8.  You can have their horns removed.  It’s called disbudding.  Also sad, but kind of necessary.


9.  Goats really like riding in cars.  They like to get in the car (and on the car).  Probably if allowed, they’d have their heads sticking out of the window with their tongues hanging out for the whole ride.  Again, like puppies.

10.  Goats scamper and kick up their heals.  They even run sideways!


There you have it!  Now, you know a little bit more about goats and you might need to visit one.  Or two.  Or three….

So, you might be asking yourself, “Why did she want goats in the first place?”  That’s a very good question. Thanks for asking.  Some like goats for meat.  Some like them for showing.  I like them for milking and for breeding.  And also because they’re super wonderful creatures.  Through milking we can get cheese and make soaps and things.  And the milk is very good for you!  And through breeding we can get more goats and I’d like to say we can sell them and make money, but I also must add that after having these kids it will be very hard sell them.  I might end up living on a farm surrounded by dozens of goats.  They’ll call me the goat lady.  Hmm…Scratch that.  We’ll sell some of them.  Eventually.  Maybe.  Do I have to decide now?  It’s too soon to talk about it.



P.S. You may think I posed my children like this just for these pictures, but no!  This is the sweetness I stumbled upon.  Thankfully, I had my camera.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Goats!

  1. Awww… what adorable pictures! Baby goats are precious. I agree with all your facts, especially #7. Today our whole herd was out in the pasture grazing and one baby got left behind at the barn. I heard him crying and screaming, so I ran out there thinking he was stuck or hurt. Nope, he was just by himself and freaking out, it was a HUGE crisis. So I caught him and carried him clear out to the pasture to his mom. Problem solved and things were peaceful once again. 🙂

    • I know what you mean! It practically breaks my heart. And this bleating sound is so much different from any other that they make. I’m glad to meet another goat loving friend! 🙂

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