A Rabbit Habitat….A Rabbitat

There isn’t much cuter than a little bunny.  Their sweet little ears, twitchy noses, and that soft, soft fur.  So precious.  We are all suckers for rabbits over here.  Each of the girls has her own, the latest addition occurring very recently after a trip to the feed store where 5 precious little bunnies awaited us in a hutch.  Laelia was the only one who did not have a rabbit and who was ready and willing to hand over some of her Christmas money to bring home her own little fuzzy.





We have a fun mix of breeds–a French Lop, a Himalayan, and now a Dutch.  The only problem with our addition is that habitation was already becoming quite tight.  In fact, our two does were fighting a little bit here and there–nothing serious, but they definitely needed some space.  So when Vanillapea Von Sweets joined them, Rella and Ruby did not exactly welcome her into the hutch.  Which is part of what led to their new habitat.





Scott constructed it primarily out of pallets, just as he did the old hutch.  And, like all projects, what began as a 1-2 day job became a 5 day job.








While we are beginning our trek in homesteading, these rabbits obviously are not a part of that big picture.  I have thought that maybe one day I’d like to raise rabbits for meat.  It is extremely practical financially and otherwise.  But then I can’t figure out how to part with them (let alone consume them) when they’re so cute.  I’m sure it will become something that we do easily, but oh!  The cuteness! (refer back to the first paragraph for more of the cute bunny talk).  I’m told the trick is not to name them.  And I think when you breed them for meat and have dozens of rabbits that look the same (or similar) it would be easy to separate from the cute trait and focus on the sustaining-my-family aspect.  All a part of being a new homesteader, I suppose.

But I digress.  Back to the new hutch.






Ta-da!  Isn’t it fantastic?!!  Yes, yes it is.  A double hutch for Rella and Ruby and a single hutch for Vanillapea.  And it turns out it’s big enough to fit two of my kids in at a time…of course we wouldn’t.  Not without building another hutch of course because two can fit in one hutch and one can fit in the other, but that still leaves one more child without a hutch and that’s not fair now is it?  Hmm…we have so many projects happening that it isn’t likely that we’ll get to another hutch in the near future so I guess we’ll just leave these for the rabbits then.  Thank you for checking out our new Rabbitat.  I hope you are feeling inspired.  🙂







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