{Recipe} Vanilla Steamer

These past few days have been chilly here in Florida and we are loving it!  We’ve put on our warm clothes and snuggled up close.  It’s been a great change from the usual 75 degree weather at this time of year, especially with Christmas coming!  Now, I usually do not enjoy warm beverages, with two exceptions:  the occasional hot cocoa (yum!) and vanilla steamers.  Ahh…vanilla steamers!  This yummy treat was first introduced to me by a friend who worked at Starbucks.  And until two days ago, I didn’t have the recipe.  But as I was making some hot cocoa on the stove, I figured out, and completely by accident I might add, the recipe for the oh-so-delicious vanilla steamer.  DSC_6756


  • 1 c Whole milk
  • 2 t Brown sugar
  • 1/2 t VanillaDSC_6748


  • Combine milk and brown sugar in a saucepan and whisk constantly on a medium heat until hot.  Be sure to constantly stir to keep the milk from scorching.  Whisking will allow the milk to become frothy, which makes it ever-so-delicious.
  • Remove from heat and add the vanilla.
  • Curl up somewhere nice and cozy and sip.  You’ll soon feel warm and fuzzy.  🙂DSC_6750DSC_6753





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