Dyeing wool yarn…with beets!

The hands in our home may be tiny, but they are learning to become skilled at many things.  We are learning to knit and to get ready for our first project, we decided to dye some wool.  Here are some pictures from this learning experience, which had a much different outcome than we anticipated.  DSC_4833

DSC_4822 DSC_4819DSC_4826DSC_4829DSC_4831DSC_4832 DSC_4836

Now, check out what happened next.  It baffled me some because I used a beet and natural, wool yarn.  The only thing I can think is that perhaps the wool already had some type of dye in it that changed the color of the water and wool.  Chloe looks a little confused by this too.  🙂

I guess it’s slightly more yellowed than our beginning picture.  And since no one in our family eats beets (other than our barnyard friends), it was a good way to make use of it.  DSC_4844


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