A New Season

Summer vacation has come to a close–as has my unplanned writing hiatus.  So much has been happening!  So much is changing!  I just needed to let go of something for a short time and sadly (very sadly in fact, because I love it so much!) what I let go of was writing.  But something new is in the air.  Many new things in fact. One thing that you might notice right off the bat…a new look for Whimsical Whimsies!  Don’t you love it?!!  Honest feedback welcome…as long as you love it.  Another job well done for my Handy Hubby.

I have so much to share with you, but for now I will just share our latest and greatest–some of our moments back in school the classroom every day avenue of life where we just happen to learn a lot as we go.

A little bit of form drawing…

DSC_4775and wool dyeing….


and grass mat weaving…

DSC_3593and of course pictures to memorialize these ever-fleeting moments….

DSC_4882 ssLittle Laelia isn’t doing official schooling yet, but I couldn’t leave her out.  🙂DSC_4906

And then I got carried away and had to include one of all four of them together.  Couldn’t leave Little Man out, now could I?  Precious.


I hope you have had a wonderful beginning to this new time of growth for your children.  Mine are so excited to be at the table doing seat work.  Although, the joy of teaching these youngsters is that time at the table is so very minimal and not nearly as exciting as adventures and handwork and (this is the most important part) doing all of these things together.


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