Grass mat weaving for little hands

The hot weather is here, so we have been looking for things to do that won’t be too crazy hot.  Of course we swim.  And swim.  And swim.  And when the sun has kissed our skin enough and our fingers and toes are extra pruney, we try to find other ways to occupy ourselves while still staying cool.  Inside, self-directed play takes up most of their non-swimming time, but every now and then they venture away from the world of magic and princesses and weddings and measuring cups and look for something else to do.  That is when they come searching for this Mama to help them come up with something crafty to occupy their hands and minds.  And since I aim to please, I have many ideas just waiting for the opportunity to come alive for these sweet ladies.

Last week, we began weaving mats out of grasses.  Fortunately, long meadow grasses seam to be everywhere.  They got their scissors and cut what they needed to make their mats.DSC_3563

Then they chose what they wanted to use out of the pile of grasses and began laying them down.  We attached them with staples first, but also used tape so they wouldn’t slide around while they weaved the other grasses in and out.

And then they began weaving.  We began with three ladies, but eventually dwindled down to two.  I am a big fan of weaving for the young ones.  Imagine all of the wonderful brain connections that are happening while they think each move through!  Fantastic!  Handwork is a wonderful thing.DSC_3583DSC_3606

I think my favorite part about a project like this is how very proud they are when they are finished….can’t beat that.  And of course, Mama is beaming with pride too.DSC_3593 DSC_3599

Now, while Little Man is still too little to weave grasses (they’d end up in his mouth, along with everything else), today he enjoyed his first coloring experience.  And it was brilliant, of course!!!  Get a towel!  I’m sure you can feel my pride oozing out of your screen.  🙂


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