{Tutorial} Easter Cross

Easter is such a special time and I love having something relevant to add to our front door.  My favorite door hanging is this Easter cross made out of sticks!  That’s right.  Sticks.  Which means that the body of this project is entirely free of charge, since most of us have tons of access to sticks.  And, if you have some other basic crafting supplies around, you might just end up making this one for free!  Which is exactly how it happened for me.  I made it several years ago, but it desperately needed an upgrade this year.  Easter Cross


  • Glue Gun
  • Sticks – a bundle of 12 or so, about 16 inches long and another bundle of 12, about 22 inches long
  • Wire – five 2 foot long pieces
  • Wire cutters
  • Plastic ring for hanging
  • Flowers and leaves of your choosing
  • Sisal rope or something similar
  • Needle nose pliers

Here is the reason why this cross needed some love.s DSC_8845

Yikes!  In all fairness….umm…I’ve got nothing.  Just a worn down first try that ended up pretty pitiful.  So, redo!

Step one:



Bundle together the short sticks and the long sticks.  Wrap the wire tightly near the ends of the bundles like so.

Step two: DSC_8852

Place the short bundle of sticks on top of the long bundle and wrap with the remaining piece of wire as tightly as possible.  Add in the plastic ring here to the back of the cross for hanging late.  No glue should be necessary, but if it makes you feel better to add a bit of glue, then go for it!

Step three:DSC_8853


Wrap the rope over top of the wire.  I wrapped mine 4 times.DSC_8854


Step four:DSC_8855


Wrap the middle section with the rope.

Step five:DSC_8859

Add some flowers and leaves and viola!  A beautiful symbol of love for Easter or anytime to adorn your door.  🙂



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