April Fools!

Yesterday was April 1st–a day my little ladies love to celebrate.  Last year we started playing pranks.  My tricksters are learning the art of playing jokes on others without inflicting harm or pain, but still finding someone special to give a little zing.  This year was just as fun as last year’s Brown E’s.  Check out what these charming children did as their April Fools joke. Donut Seeds April Fools JokeWhat I really loved about this year was how involved all three girls were in making these.  Laelia is the one who I feel is going to really surprise us all with pranks.  She’s got that extra bit of spunk and really loves trickery…and she’s only three!  I’m sure you know the kind.  And I am certain she got it from my mother. Which makes me afraid….very afraid.  😉  In a fun way of course (I have to say that.  My mother reads these!).  I had fun planning these Donut Seeds with them, but I am positive that within the next year or so they will be able to plan them out by themselves….but aimed at me.  Ah!  There’s that togetherness bond one can only hope for in their kiddos…right?! 😐Doughnut Seeds April Fools Joke


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