She’s Seven

Today my Chloe is seven years old.  Seven.  With each passing moment, I am both astounded and overjoyed at our time with this little beauty.  DSC_8120

Chloe came into our lives a happy little girl.  Her bright disposition has always brought the sparkle of the stars into each room as she enters.  On this beautiful day, I can’t help but think back to her birthing day.  Of course she was crying when she was born–so confused at what had just happened to her little body as she was placed in my arms.  I gently spoke to her, telling her that I love her.  In that small instant, she stopped crying and looked right into my eyes.  She nestled right into me and held my gaze for the longest time, looking back and forth between Daddy and Mama.  This sweet moment began our journey together, which has since been filled with so many adventures and the most important moments that my life could ever hold. DSC_8095

Chloe’s personality is so much like mine in so many ways.  I watch her and can tell almost exactly what she’s thinking and feeling in most situations.  She has such a giving, loving spirit.  As are many first born children, Chloe is a people pleaser.  She wants to make me, in particular, happy as much as she can, which has it’s good and bad points.  She will sacrifice what she has for her family, which of course makes my heart swell with pride.  DSC_8129

One thing that Chloe did not get from me, however, is her love for trying new things involving people.  Yes, you heard that right.  I am extremely uncomfortable putting myself in any situation that might involve meeting people, which might surprise you if you know me today.  Let’s take sports for example.  As a kid I never ever tried sports (other than phys ed situations at school).  Why?  I never wanted to be in groups with other kids…for many reasons, but I guess we could just chalk it up to being shy.  Chloe doesn’t have too much of a shy quality.  This little smarty has always been cautious, but not because she is afraid.  She hangs back and studies the group she is with to see what they’re about and what they’re doing before making her move.  Then she gladly jumps in and plays.  DSC_8146

I must say that I am so proud of this little angel that I could go on for hours talking about how amazing she is!  There are so many beautiful qualities that she has.  She shines like the sun both inside and out.  But along with all these special traits and her love for her family, my most favorite thing about this talented little lovely is her love for God.  She has a servant’s heart for Him.  One that is driven by her love and adoration of Him.  There is nothing more I could want for her than to grow up loving our Lord.  With a quality like that, she can do anything!DSC_8113

It brings me to tears just thinking of how God has blessed our lives just knowing this sweet girl.  And we are abundantly blessed to have her in our family,

  • to live with her,
  • to experience her laugh and sense of humor,
  • to watch her grow,
  • to witness her generosity,
  • to know her,
  • to love her,
  • to tickle her,
  • to snuggle her close at night
  • to teach her,
  • to play with her,
  • to play chase with her,
  • to eat the delicious toast she makes,
  • to be the subject of so many of her beautiful drawings,
  • to read with her,
  • to tuck her in at night,
  • to give her hugs and kisses,
  • to be here for her every step of the way as she grows and becomes a spectacular woman…eventually, of course.

For now, we are so content and overjoyed to be a part of her journey through life.  Happy Birthday, Baby!  I love you forever.



3 thoughts on “She’s Seven

  1. I wish I had the words, Christy. You have captured it so well. This was such a special post. it brought tears to my eyes. You’re seeing the same things in Chloe that I saw in you as you grew into a woman of God. I am happy that He is so richly blessing your life! And what a joy it is to be a “Gramps”! God continues to bless me also. Praise His name. And well done!

  2. I so enjoy stopping by your space. You write in such a way that makes me feel like I know your sweet family. How blessed they are to have you.

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