My Funny Valentines

Valentine’s Day began with a bang for us and didn’t fizzle out until bed time.  It began with our Valentine exchange, which was very cute.  I gave the kids a little gift–silverware.  Sounds super boring, right?  Well when you have two kids who fight over a spoon at each meal (yes, you heard me right.  A spoon.  A kind of fancy cocktail spoon that has has wire wrapped around the handle and sparkly stones wrapped into the wire.  It’s name?  The Diamond Spoon) So I found a set of super cute rainbow handled silverware.  In a set of 4!  Perfect. They loved them.DSC_7365 DSC_7326DSC_7322 DSC_7328

They get valentines in their mailbox.DSC_7318 DSC_7353DSC_7340 DSC_7334

And a little bit of candy in their heart pockets.DSC_7321 DSC_7336

And so does Daddy.DSC_7404

I have to make a pocket for me and for Reed.  We’re sharing Daddy’s pocket right now.DSC_7433 DSC_7357

Then came Daddy’s gift.  He followed the path of kisses until he found his gift.  Actually, he saw it through the window before he even saw the path of kisses.  But it’s the thought that counts.DSC_7441 DSC_7449 DSC_7452 DSC_7470

He has been wanting a charcoal grill.  Our gas grill died.  Caught on fire, it did.  And not in the way you hope.  He was introduced to a charcoal grill when grilling with my dad and has wanted one since.  They are pretty great.  They take a little longer to prepare the coals, but give such great results!  I found hickory wood to use as the coals.  I didn’t even know that was an option to buy.  But it is and gave us some delicious burgers yesterday.  Yum!DSC_7367

After that we had visitors to play with and to share our chickens with and a fun time at church, making our day jam packed full of Valentine fun!


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