Finger knitting

Handwork is a big part of our life and schooling.  It is so important for the development of those little minds to work with their hands and one of the best ways for them to do this is by finger knitting.  We’ve done this a lot, but recently they really starting loving it–especially Willow.  DSC_6316DSC_6340

Willow started finger knitting and just grabbed hold of it.  She has such a mind for this.  She has amazing focus and determination, but at the same time is so relaxed in her approach to it.  On this day she just went off to a quiet place and sat in her own serene moment and did her handwork.  When she was getting close to the end, she realized how far she had gotten and came to show me her masterpiece.  Was it perfect?  No.  But she was so proud of herself and no matter how her stitches differed in size she only viewed it as perfection.  Can you see me beaming?  I hope she sees that in herself as well, because she is a treasure to behold, indeed.


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