Harvest Time!

Since our visit from Jack Frost, a lot of our plants have died–those who are true Southern plants that can’t hack the freezing temps.  They always come back, but my real concern was the vegetable garden.  DSC_6297After the first night of frost, I checked on the veggies.  They did great!  Phew!  I did not prepare for the weather this time!DSC_6301

So, I grabbed my scissors and started gathering the lettuce.  Seven very large heads of beautiful, yummy lettuce was growing in the garden!  It is holding up very well in a giant bowl filled with water and we are enjoying every bit of it.  We are definitely a salad family.  And it’s a good thing too, because the lettuce is already about 4 inches high again in the garden.  If you visit us, come hungry because we have lots to share!

Today, I went out to the garden and I thought it was time to harvest the carrots and the rest of the tomatoes since our next planting season is rapidly approaching and I need time to prep the garden before I plant in a couple weeks.  Please excuse this blurry picture of these wonderfully shaped carrots.  There was a sweet little baby trying to grab my camera lens as I was taking pictures at too long past dusk, which resulted in what you see above here.  This was our first time successfully growing carrots.  Yes, there are only three.  But three is better than none.  I also have a purple carnival carrot that is almost ready to seed!  We shall hopefully have many a delicious carnival carrot next spring.  🙂DSC_6522DSC_6527


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