“Jack Frost”

“Jack Frost came, Mama!” Laelia called excitedly, jumping up and down and waving her arms as she called to me.  He did visit.  He left his beautiful etchings outside on the grass and plants and car windows.  Inside we felt the cool air, so I of course, snuggled into bed even more, trying to get away from the cold. When I finally threw the covers back, I found my three sweet girls enjoying the “frost” on the windows. There was no actual frost on the windows, but they were quite steamy.  Later we went out to see Mr. Frost’s artwork on our lawn.  It was a perfect match for what they love so much–art.  Anything artistic.  At all.  From the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep they are thinking about drawing and coloring and artistic wonderment, with a side of make believe and imagination.  DSC_6248 DSC_6222 DSC_6225 DSC_6231 DSC_6241 DSC_6246


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