Here Chickie, Chickie!

This is the week all my dreams have come true!  Well, just one really.  But it’s a good one!  This week we got chickens!  Rhode Island Reds.  I have been wanting hens so badly, and for a couple reasons.  I want the kids to experience life with chickens.  We can take care of these animals, who in turn provide us with eggs that we can eat.  And of course, the eggs that the ladies provide save us on money–we eat a lot of eggs around here!  

Last week our dear friends gave us these chickens and their coop as a gift!  We are so grateful to them for this.  We are truly blessed to have these chickies and such great friends! 

chickens, backyard hens

So far my hens and I have a great relationship.  They like to talk to me.  Although they are actually quite bossy.  I can hear them calling me from in the house to let them roam around the yard (seriously.).  Of course I do as they wish because they are sweet girls and I want them to be happy.  Happy biddies = lotsa yummy eggs!

The kids are really enjoying them.  They want to go see them first thing in the morning and see if there are any eggs waiting for them (and then again in the late morning and early afternoon.  Then again in the late afternoon. Ahhh and right after dinnertime…). In the few days we’ve had them Laelia has smashed two accidentally…she’s gotta learn somehow, right?  Hopefully she’s got it down now.  They are excited to take care of them too.  They change their water, give them food and treats, and sit and talk to the hens.  Today I heard Willow telling them as they were eating, “Aaaalways remember that Jesus died on the cross for your sins!”  Chickens need Jesus too!

I could watch them and talk to them all day!  Weird, you say?  That’s okay.  I’m cool with that.  If I am known as the Crazy Chicken Lady, I’ll be just fine with that.  I think goats are next…..although we’d probably need more land first.  DSC_6152 DSC_6143


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