Happy Birthday, Willow-bee!

Our sweet Willow turned 5 on Halloween. Five. Hard to believe my sweet girl is five already, but so it goes. They grow so quickly. I have loved all of our Willow moments. She came into this world so peacefully, but howled like a storm for the first year of life. She has been just like that since then–peaceful one moment but tempestuous in the very next. Willow finds so much calming energy just by feeling within herself, which I find incredible (as I am in fact a people pleaser). I love her spirit. She is kind and gentle and forgiving. She is quick to give Mama her love.DSC_2008

Willow takes forever to fall asleep most nights. She must be thinking so much that she just can’t relinquish her hold on the day (I was like that as a kid too) and allow the sleep of night to take her. But what I have found to be a sweet symbol of our connection is that on those nights, I go and lay by my girl and I talk softly to her. I tell her to let Willow fall asleep because she is so tired. I rub her soft arms and her sweet head. I only lay there for a moment, but that moment is all it takes and this child who has been holding on to the land of the awake for so long falls right to sleep. How I love this girl! Willow is my sweet, snuggly blessing!DSC_1942DSC_1971 DSC_1952DSC_1945 DSC_1994

Chloe gave Willow herself as a present.

Chloe gave Willow herself as a present.

We celebrated her, of course with festivities both simple and grand.  Willow started the day with a treasure hunt for her gifts that were hidden around the house.  Talk about fun!  Then we got ready for her party.  Since she was born on Halloween, we celebrate Willow with our family and follow that party with a fun time trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  This year included a hay ride.DSC_2004DSC_2058 DSC_2060

I’m grateful that Willow loves having her birthday on Halloween.  She actually finds it unfair that none of her siblings have the same experience, which is funny.  I’m so grateful that God has blessed us with her and in the same way, He’s blessed her with all of us.


My boy and I trick-or-treating in our sailor costumes. I could just gobble him up!


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