It seems to me that since we’ve moved to Florida, the entire notion of getting and carving pumpkins almost completely slips my mind each year.  In fact, if the kids hadn’t reminded me this year it probably would not have happened.  And I know why.  It’s the air.  It doesn’t remind me that it’s time.  And if you know the Northern air, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Toward the end of September you start to sense the change in the air, as the cool begins to make its way back (or Duchess Autumn as we call it around here).  Then when October comes, the nip has arrived and you just know.  You know it’s time to look for the nearest corn maze, hay ride, haunted house, apple orchard, and of course, pumpkin patch.DSC_1402




We never found a pumpkin patch.  Next year we will have one in our own yard, we’ve decided.  But we did get a pumpkin and that pumpkin became a jack-o-lantern today.


To be fair, each girl got to design part of the pumpkin’s face.  Chloe chose the eyes, Laelia chose the nose (that’s a bunny), and Willow the mouth.  She said it had to be really creepy with hundreds of teeth…so it has 4.  It was a fun time for all of us, except Reed.  He hasn’t found the joy in pumpkin carving yet.carving jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin carving, carving pumpkins


Fall in Florida also means that the ants don’t die off as it begins to freeze.  So our pumpkin will remain inside until Halloween.  We made that mistake before…it wasn’t pretty.  Happy carving!


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