Rock Buddies

Every morning we head outside for a bit of fresh air, nature walks, and to get out some wiggles.  Do your kids have excess energy when they wake up?  Mine do!  Our outside time can be any number of things–the beach, gardening, walking, biking, swimming–but one thing we recently added to the list is playing with Rock Buddies.  Such a cute little project/activity for them.  And so simple!790787


Ahh!  The sky is the limit with these little guys…mermaids, princesses, rockets to the moon, fairies in the garden, they even put them in cars and tried to race them down the driveway (I say “tried” because they learned a lesson about friction on the pavement that day…didn’t work out too well).  Kids.  Just give them a rock.  They can carry on from there.

I love that Willow makes her hands become spiders, like a mama and a baby carrying on a conversation.  Usually the mama is making the baby do something it doesn’t want to do…hmm…maybe it’s like playtime therapy for real life issues.  I tell you this about Willow because I so enjoy watching them make something out of nothing.  Anything can become animated in an instant.

786 794 791


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